The Bail Bond Process Explained

We believe a key part to the bail bond process is understanding exactly what is happening. We would like to take a minute to familiarize you with the Bail Bond process in order to ensure a smooth experience…

Every day I meet great people that have just experienced a tragedy and need my help IMMEDIATELY! Usually my clients are screaming, crying, hyperventilating and scared when they call. They need honest, compassionate answers right now! Who am I and what do I do for these people? I am a professional, licensed Bail Bondsman that cares and realizes that most people have fears that stem from simply from not understanding what a Bail Bondsman does and how the Bail process works. By understanding not only what the Bail Bond process is, but how simple and quickly it can be done with a reputable, licensed bail Bondsman, you can save yourself a lot of pain and suffering.

Posting of a Bail Bond involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by a Bail Bondsman and the individual posting bail (cosigner/indeminator). The Bail Bondsman guarantees to the court that the defendant will appear in court every time the Judge requires them to.

For this service the Cosigner/Defendant is charged a percentage (up to 15%) of the Bail amount. After being arrested the Cosigner(s)/Defendant typically call the Bail Bondsman to arrange for the Bail Bond to be posted. A good Professional Bondsman can pre-approve the Cosigner(s)/ Defendant within 5 minutes of the initial call. Once a trust has been developed between both parties, the Bondsman will arrange to meet with the family/friends (Cosigners) of the defendant to complete all paperwork. After the Paperwork/receipts are completed and signed, payment made, the Bondsman will immediately post the Bond for the Defendants release.

Collateral (House, car, boat, cash, jewelry, etc.) is not always needed for an individual to be Bonded from jail. Often an individual can be Bonded from jail on the signature of a family member or a friend. Cosigner’s typically need to have a job and lived at their residence for some time.

There are some things to also consider when selecting the right Bail Bondsman. First and foremost you should choose a Bail Bondsman that you trust and who cares about you.

  • Deal only with a licensed Bail Bondsman.
  • The maximum a Bail Bondsman can charge is 15% of the Bond amount, plus any Jail fees.
  • Ask for itemized receipt.
  • Ask for copies of all signed contracts and agreements.
  • You are paying for a service. A professional Bail Bondsman should be available for all your questions throughout the entire process.

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